This is the report form for all grants received through Disabled Sports USA. Before you begin completing this form remember:

  • To check your grant agreement for what supplemental files and information are required (i.e. some grants require receipts and others do not). It is recommended these files are all fully completed and ready to attach before you begin to submit this report.
  • This file cannot be saved and returned to. It is recommended that you write the answers to longer questions in a separate file so that you have a saved document to return to in the event of technical difficulties.
  • Uploaded files may not exceed 25MB (combined). This is the most common reason for forms not coming through! Additional files can be e-mailed to
  • Don’t forget to include an invoice for the grant amount – your award cannot be processed without one!

If you have any questions while filling out your grant report, please contact Kyleen Davis at

You may also review the recorded webinar: The Basics of Grant Reporting.

Chapter Information

Program Information

Please select which type of funding you were awarded.
Please check all that apply

Program Participant Information

Please provide participant numbers for the program for which you were awarded a grant. Do not duplicate any participants in the numbers reported below.  Leave any non-applicable populations blank or type "0"
Do not include instructors, volunteers, etc. who have already been counted
Do not include instructors, volunteers, etc. who have already been counted

Measurable Outcomes

Do not include travel days, only include those where there was sports participation
Only include hours of direct sports participation (i.e. if an all day, 8 hour event was provided and participants took part in a 2 hour adaptive sports lesson, the number of program hours provided is 2)
(number of individuals served each day added together, i.e. day 1 had 3 participants, day 2 had 2 participants and day 3 had 4 participants. Your number of visits is 9)

Program Implementations and Outcomes

Please describe how you performed outreach to participants for this program.
Please list the organizations you collaborated with on this program (including community partners, schools, hospitals, VAs, WTUs, etc)
Please also provide coach or school contact information to receive information and materials about the Athletics for All initiative.
i.e. John came to our program not knowing how to ski. After his first lesson he set a goal of coming five times this season. He came out nine times and even participated in a NASTAR race at the end of the season. Next year he hopes to participate in at least two NASTAR races.
Please provide a quote(s) from a participant/volunteer that highlights the success of your program.
i.e. average number of program days

Supplemental Documentation (check your grant agreement for which files are required)

Note: Maximum combined file upload size is 25MB. Should your combined file size exceed this amount, please send each file in a seperate e-mail to Kyleen Davis (not to exceed 10MB per e-mail),