Sport: SwimmingG. Moss 2

Hometown: Madison, WI


What makes Garner tick?

Describe yourself in three words:
Tall, strong, smart

Why are sports important to you?
They make you strong. I have friends from other sports at the Olympic Training Center. I have friends from all over the country.

What is your favorite off-season activity?
Keeping in touch with friends on Facebook and riding my bike.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about trying adaptive sports?
Its great competition. Its more equal.

Who do you admire most?
Missy Franklin

What is one of the things you would put on your “bucket” list?
I want to visit the Alps.

What is your favorite quote:
“You don’t have enough talent to win on talent alone. Again.” Herb Brooks, Miracle.

What is your favorite food?

Pizza ans chips