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Kids can do anything! Whether a child is able-bodied or has a disability, he or she can benefit from participating in sports.

Our Youth Programs

“I Can Do Anything!” is the name of our youth programming at Disabled Sports USA, and we strongly believe that children with disabilities CAN DO ANYTHING. Our youth programs help show youth, their parents, family and friends, and the general public that having a disability does not prevent kids from playing and excelling at sports.  Year-round adaptive sports programs are implemented through our nationwide chapter network, allowing youth from all parts of the country to get involved in adaptive sports.  To find a program near you, please visit our event calendar.



Designed as a stepping stone for aspiring Alpine, Snowboard and Nordic racers, the E-team is a scholarship program for youth ages 13-25 designed  to Elevate and Empower them to compete at the best of their ability.  Racers on the E-team are provided with support for training and competitions.

For more information on the E-Team or to fill out an application, click here.


Diana Golden Alpine Ski Race Series

Designed for those athletes new to racing, the Diana Golden Alpine Ski Race Series is for racers of varying abilities to compete in a fun, supportive arena.  To view the entire race series calendar and learn more about Diana Golden, click here.


“I Can Do Anything!” Youth Adaptive Sports Scholarships:

Disabled Sports USA provides scholarships (up to $400 per person) for youth ages 17 and under with disabilities and with limited financial means* to participate in our adaptive sports programs across the country.  The application process is closed for the season. For more information please contact us at hgomezgarcia@dsusa.org.

*Youth must qualify or be currently receiving assistance from one or more of the programs listed : Free School Lunch Program, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, Aid for Dependent Children, Foster Care, Medicaid or Parent or Guardian Unemployed – or any other similar local, state or federal program.

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