DSUSA-chapter-colorWhy Be a Chapter?

Membership has its privileges!

Disabled Sports USA is here to help you do what you do best – meeting the needs of youth and adults with disabilities through adaptive sports. Become a chapter of DSUSA and benefit from joining a national network of more than 120 chapters, big and small. Our national movement is committed to ensuring that everyone, regardless of ability, has equal opportunity to participate in sports and recreation. Check out the list of benefits below and contact us if you’d like to learn more!

  • Eligibility for grant programs (Over $1,000,000 distributed annually, over each of the last 2 years)
  • Access to affordable group Commercial General Liability insurance, Directors and Officers EPL insurance
  • Guidance from DSUSA on chapter organization and programming
  • Reduced cost or free training and education opportunities, including Adapt2Achieve conferences, sport trainings and webinars
  • Opportunities for partnership projects with Disabled Sports USA National Headquarters and its chapter network
  • Opportunity to submit articles and announcements about your activities in Disabled Sports USA’s national publication, Challenge magazine (circulation over 20,000) including free subscriptions for your members
  • Opportunity to promote your programs, events and employment opportunities through DSUSA website and social media (20,000 unique website visitors each month)
  • Access to online resources and tools
  • For new start-up chapters, immediate recognition as a charitable nonprofit (501c3) organization through DSUSA’s IRS Group Exemption program
  • Permission to use Disabled Sports USA’s registered service mark tagline: If I can do this, I can do anything!

DSUSA chapters are the backbone of Disabled Sports USA and together serve over 60,000 individuals with disabilities each year! Disabled Sports USA chapters are dedicated to the following principles:

-The mission of DSUSA “to provide the opportunity for individuals with physical disabilities to gain confidence and dignity through participation in sports, recreation and related educational programs.”

-Participation in sports, recreation and physical fitness is an integral part of the rehabilitation process. Through sports, people with disabilities gain abilities that increase self-confidence, independence and mobility. This in turn promotes an active lifestyle and social development and increases prospects for employment.

-Activities be conducted, whenever feasible, in public recreation facilities and venues, to provide maximum interaction with the general public in an integrated environment.

-People with disabilities be recruited to fill leadership, staff and volunteer positions in the organization; to provide opportunities for personal growth and employment, as well as positive role models for other disabled participants.

-In most cases, people with disabilities can achieve high levels of physical fitness; which is essential to lead an active and healthy life and achieve mental well-being.

-Sports instruction should be conducted in a carefully planned educational setting utilizing trained volunteers and professionals.

-The organization should conduct its activities in a businesslike manner, with competent governance and sound financial guidelines.


If you are ready to move forward with the process, simply complete the DSUSA Chapter Membership Packet, following the checklist to ensure that everything is included and email it to ccollins@dsusa.org.

The IRS documents that accompany the formation packet are Forms 1023, 990 and SS4. They can be retrieved from www.irs.gov under Forms and Publications using the following links:

Application for Recognition of Exemption

Application for Employer Identification Number

Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax

If you are interested in forming a chapter and have questions, please do not hesitate to contact Cheryl Collins at 301-217-9841 or ccollins@dsusa.org.