The Disabled Sports USA Insurance Program requires that all participants, volunteers and coaches be registered prior to participation in any adaptive sport or recreational activity. Family members and friends of adaptive sport and recreation participants who wish to participate must be registered by the same process used for regular program participants. All registered participants, including volunteers, coaches, family and friends must receive the same training and instruction and follow the same safety requirements (i.e. helmets, PFDs).The registration form should collect as much information as necessary in order for the staff to be able to properly assess whether or not the individual meets the essential eligibility criteria for participation in the sports or recreational activities being offered. It is important that the registration form provide as many prompts as necessary in order to help the participant or parent/guardian to identify any disability, disease or injury; physical, mental or psychological condition or disorder that may impact the individual’s ability to participate.

The registration form or participant profile should include questions that will help identify those participants who are adults and have a cognitive impairment such as a brain injury, developmental delay, traumatic injury, stroke, autism or PTSD that would render their sole signature non-binding on the waiver agreement. Registration forms, which may be provided in paper or electronic format, must be safely stored to protect the personal information of the participant.

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