Disabled Sports USA Waiver Policy – Use and Instructions

All staff, participants, instructors and volunteers are required to read, sign and date a Disabled Sports USA Waiver & Release of Liability Form at least once annually. Anyone who does not sign the liability waiver cannot be permitted to participate. View the Waiver and Release Risk Alert

Chapters participating in the Disabled Sports USA insurance program must use the current waiver provided to them by DSUSA to help ensure they are properly protected. Please contact Cheryl Collins ccollins@dsusa.org if your chapter does not have a current waiver.

Samples of properly signed waivers can be viewed here:

Properly Signed Adult Waiver

Properly Signed Minor Waiver

Properly Signed Legally Incapacitated Adult Waiver

The following guidelines designate proper waiver protocol:

  • Waivers must be manually signed in blue or black ink (scans, faxes and electronic signatures are not acceptable)
    • If your chapter receives signed waivers via email or fax, the original signature waivers must be obtained and kept on file for the time frames specified below
  • Waivers must include a printed name, signature and date
  • Anyone 17 years of age or younger must have a legal guardian or legal representative sign the waiver on their behalf
  • Anyone 18 years of age or older who has a cognitive disability that renders their sole signature non-binding on the waiver agreement (legally incapacitated) must have a legal guardian or legal representative sign the waiver on their behalf
  • Waivers cannot be modified in any way
  • Original signature waivers for adults should be maintained for a minimum of 7 years
  • Original signature waivers for minors should be maintained for a minimum of 25 years
  • When possible, scanned copies of the waiver should be kept on file indefinitely
  • Media Release Form signatures are optional
    • When a participant does not sign the Media Release Form, all quotes, photos, videos and any likeness bearing images of that individual cannot be used for promotional materials