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Incorporating Adaptive Sports and Recreation into Rehabilitation
Advancing Adaptive Sports through Technology: The QL+ Program
Finding Your Abilities
Promoting safety, self-confidence and success in adaptive watersports through adult swim lessons
Beyond It with Ashley Thomas -Best Practices in Child Safeguarding
CrossFit Myths Debunked - Best Practices for Inclusion & Risk Management
Paracanoe A New Olympic Sport
Improving Patient Outcomes with Simple Yoga Techniques
myActive - A comprehensive platform for getting active after SCI
Sculling as a Metaphor for Life Skills
Bringing a Product to Market: The Story of Inclusivity, Inc.
Panel Discussion: Adaptive Sports Equipment Think Tank
A Systemic Approach to Inclusion in Recreation and Sports: An Experimental Case Study
Panel Discussion: Adaptive Equipment Showcase
Rochester Accessible Adventures' Inclusion Model of Service
Virtual Reality as an Adaptive Program Support Tool
Closing Keynote with Founder and CEO of Endless Highway, Rob Tortorella