Hosted at The Hartford Ski Spectacular
Breckenridge, CO December 3-7, 2018

The PSIA-AASI National Adaptive Academy is open to ski and snowboard instructors and instructor trainees. Examiners and clinicians certified by the Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA) and American Association of Snowboard Instructors (AASI) presented the latest in adapted ski and snowboard teaching methods. Programs are offered for all disciplines and levels. Questions? Contact DSUSA Program Manager, Julianne Mills.

2018 National Adaptive Academy Schedule

Clinic Reminders

Click the link to download a PDF. If the clinic name does not have a link, a PDF is not available at this time.

Date Session Clinic Name
12/3/2018 PPM Seating Assessment for Sit Skiers: Key Concepts for Adaptive Instructors
12/4/2018 AAM Use of the Universal Controller in Sports
12/4/2018 AM Hands-On Introduction to the TetraSki
12/4/2018 AM 4-Track Foundations
12/4/2018 AM Develop Your Skiing Skills
12/4/2018 AM Snowboard Skills Session 
12/4/2018 AM First Tracks
12/4/2018 AM/PM Base Camp
12/4/2018 AM/PM Skiing Fundamentals
12/4/2018 AM/PM Pathway to Success: Intellectual Diagnoses
12/4/2018 AM/PM Mid-Level Monoski Breakthroughs
12/4/2018 AM/PM Hands-On Biski Tethering I
12/4-5/2018 AM/PM 2 Day Workshop: The Slider to 4-Track Continuum
12/4-5/2018 AM/PM 2 Day Workshop: Monoski – Assess, Equip, Teach & Tether
12/4/2018 PM Physical Assessment for Adaptive Equipment Selection: Stand-Up Skiers
12/4/2018 PM Introduction to Biski Tethering Skills
12/4/2018 PM 3-Track Foundations
12/4/2018 PM Guiding Riders
12/4/2018 PM Independence Day: Biski 
12/4/2018 PPM Resources for Volunteer Training Credentials
12/5/2018 AAM Prosthetics in Sport
12/5/2018 AM Prosthetics in Action
12/5/2018 AM Connecting Contemporary Concepts
12/5/2018 AM High Performance Skiing and Carving
12/5/2018 AM Movement Analysis: A Base for Skill Development
12/5/2018 AM Turning Point
12/5-6/2018 AM/PM 2 Day Workshop: Understanding the Brain, Body, and Behavior (Ski or Snowboard)
12/5-6/2018 AM/PM Basics of Biskiing with Hand-Held Outriggers
12/5/2018 AM/PM Fundamentals Across Adaptive Equipment
12/5/2018 AM/PM Tactical Tethering of Fixed Rigger Biskis
12/5/2018 AM/PM The Art of Providing Feedback
12/5/2018 PM Hands-On Introduction to the TetraSki
12/5/2018 PM Exceptional Instruction
12/5/2018 PM Movement Analysis: On-Snow Application
12/5/2018 PM Mogul Magic
12/5/2018 PM A New Phase in Outrigger Use Concepts
12/5/2018 PPM Virtual Reality as an Adaptive Program Support Tool
12/6/2018 AAM Keeping Your Head in the Game: Concussion Session
12/6/2018 AM Guided Play
12/6/2018 AM Easy Assists and Appliances
12/6/2018 AM Movement Analysis Made Easy
12/6/2018 AM Single Ski Savvy: 3-Track Skiing
12/6/2018 AM A New Phase in Outrigger Use Concepts
12/6/2018 AM/PM Insight: Teaching & Guiding Skiers with Blindness or Low Vision
12/6/2018 AM/PM Learn to Teach and Ski: Monoski
12/6/2018 AM/PM Tethering Bi-skis from a Snowboard
12/6/2018 AM/PM Get Your Guide On
12/6-7/2018 AM/PM 2 Day Workshop: Biski – Assess, Equip, Teach, & Tether
12/6-7/2018 AM/PM 2 Day Workshop: Program Managers Learn, Discuss and Create – PSIA Member School Managers Course
12/6/2018 PM Hands-On Introduction to the TetraSki
12/6/2018 PM Ski(s) Performance: When Skis Interact with the Snow
12/6/2018 PM Movement Analysis: Skiers with Adaptive Equipment – On Snow
12/6/2018 PM Independence Day: Stand Skiing
12/6/2018 PM 4-Track Peak to Peak
12/6/2018 PPM Working with Mountain Management
12/6/2018 PPPM RESNA Committee Meeting
12/7/2018 AAM Expanding Partnerships with the VA
12/7/2018 AM Hands-On Introduction to the Tetraski
12/7/2018 AM Ski Bike I: Guest with Single and Dual Diagnoses
12/7/2018 AM FUNdamentals for Kids: A Kids’ Approach to Skiing
12/7/2018 AM Sno-Go: A Stand-Ski Alternative Sliding Tool
12/7/2018 AM Fresh Tracks I: Contemporary Nordic Skiing for People with Blindness or Low Vision
12/7/2018 AM Bump it Up
12/7/2018 AM/PM Biski Tethering Basics
12/7/2018 AM/PM Snowboarding with Adaptations for Guest with Physical Diagnoses
12/7/2018 AM/PM Coaching Accomplished Monoskiers to Greater Heights
12/7/2018 AM/PM Hands-On Fixed Rigger Bi-Ski Tethering II
12/7/2018 PM Fresh Tracks II: Contemporary Nordic Skiing for Sit Skiers
12/7/2018 PM Ski Bike II: Guests with Single and Dual Diagnoses
12/7/2018 PM Sno-Go: A Stand Ski Alternative Sliding Tool
12/7/2018 PM Easy Entry to Bump Skiing
12/7/2018 PM Hack My Lesson
12/7/2018 PM Together: Teaching Group Adaptive Lessons