Disabled Sports USA’s Adapt2Achieve program is proud to support the training of adaptive instructors through the production of sports-specific manuals and conferences as well as safety and risk reduction information. Please check back for updates and new materials as our library of sports-safety materials continues to grow. Hard copies of select materials may be requested online.

Educational webinars and videos are available on the DSUSA YouTube Channel.

Sports-Specific Manuals

Produced by experts in their field, these sports-specific manuals are intended to complement the hands-on training volunteers receive.

Adaptive Cycling Training Manual

Fundamentals of Alpine Skiing

Archery Manual

In addition to the above-mentioned Disabled Sports USA-sponsored manuals, many governing bodies and national sports organizations have recognized the benefits of training coaches interested in working with adaptive athletes and created their own training materials. Links to many of those manuals are included here as a resource and Disabled Sports USA is not responsible for the content. This list is not intended to be an endorsement of the training from DSUSA nor a comprehensive list of all adaptive trainings. If you have recommendations on training manuals or materials that should be added, please email jmills@dsusa.org.

Boccia International Sports Federation Competition Rules

Canoke/Kayak Instructor’s Manual (American Canoe Association)

Adaptive Climbing Manual (Paradox Sports)

Goalball Guidelines (International Blind Sports Federation)

Adaptive Hockey – Sled, Stand-Up Amputee, Deaf & Special (USA Hockey)

Adaptive Lacrosse Guidelines (USA Lacrosse)

Adaptive Rowing Guidelines (USA Rowing)

Adaptive Sailing Resource Manual (US Sailing)

Adaptive Snowsports Instruction (PSIA/AASI)

Adaptive Tennis Manual (US Tennis Association)

Adaptive Track and Field Manual (Blaze Sports)

Wheelchair Basketball Rules (International Wheelchair Basketball Association)

Wheelchair Fencing Athlete Handbook (USA Fencing)

Wheelchair Rugby Manual (Blaze Sports)

Safety & Risk Reduction

In addition to sports-specific training, it is important for instructors to understand the unique population of adaptive athletes. These training manuals help to ensure instructors are prepared to safely support their students through a variety of different sports activities.

Instructing Athletes with Traumatic Brain Injury & Post Traumatic Stress

Concussion Awareness & Safety Procedures

School Sports

Disabled Sports USA is proud to be a member of the Athletics 4 All task force, dedicated to the goal that all students should have access to after-school extracurricular sports activities. This task force has created educational materials to learn how to best incorporate athletes with disabilities into high school athletic programs.


Alpine Skiing



Nordic Skiing

Sitting Volleyball


Track & Field

Wheelchair Basketball

Wheelchair Tennis



Accessing Adaptive Equipment

How to Get Involved In Your After-School Athletics Program

How Adaptive Sports Organizations Can Work with Schools

Adapted Sports HAS a place in School Based Athletic Programs